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Jun 22, 2022
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Summits SCIENCES international environmental summits “For more than a century, there have been legal instruments to defend the environment and the environment in which we live . In recent years, these instruments telephone number list have multiplied. The right to enjoy an adequate environment for the development of the person, as well as the duty to conserve it, are constitutional precepts . The laws, decrees, regulations, ordinances. that develop them are innumerable.” Recommendation to read: Introduction to environmental law International Environmental Law Principles of environmental law International environmental conventions International environmental declarations Kyoto Summit on climate change, 1997 It is an international telephone number list agreement, assumed in 1997, which will become the main tool within the UNFCCC. Although it was signed in 1997, its entry into force telephone number list would not take place until eight years later (2005). To date, the Kyoto Protocol is the only international mechanism on a global scale whose objective is to deal with climate change while trying to minimize its impacts. In it, mandatory objectives of limitation and reduction of GHGs are established. The States parties to the agreement −the industrialized countries that signed the Kyoto protocol− jointly committed telephone number list to reduce global GHG emissions by 5% above 1990 levels for the 2008-2012 period. However, not all countries assumed the same quotas or reduction percentages: the EU assumed its own GHG reduction percentage of 8% for the 2008-2012 period, while Spain was assigned the possibility of increasing its emissions up to 15% with respect to 1990 levels. This is explained by the fact that Europe assigned a distribution of the burden based on economic and environmental variables. In other words, the telephone number list Kyoto Protocol sets binding emission reduction targets for 37 industrialized countries and the EU. It is, therefore, an international agreement through which these signatory countries recognize that they are the main responsible for the high levels of GHG emissions in the atmosphere, and that they are the result of burning fossil fuels for more than 150 years. . Perhaps its main importance lies in the fact that the protocol has prompted governments to establish laws and policies to meet their commitments and companies to take the environment into telephone number list account when making investment decisions. The Kyoto Protocol is the successor to the UNFCCC. It is one of the most important international legal instruments aimed at fighting climate change. It contains the commitments assumed by the industrialized countries to reduce their emissions of some GHGs, responsible for global warming. The total emissions of developed countries must be reduced during the 2008-2012 period by at least 5% with respect to 1990 levels. To achieve the aforementioned reduction objectives, it proposes a series of means and financing mechanisms: Strengthen or establish telephone number list national policies to reduce emissions (promotion of improving energy efficiency, use of sustainable forms of agriculture, development of renewable energy sources, etc.).
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